GoDaddy’s Service Gets Hacked

A good chunk of the internet was brought down a few days before when popular web host GoDaddy’s servers were attacked by an Anonymous member, most likely in response to GoDaddy’s support of the controversial censorship bill SOPA.

GoDaddy, which has some 5 million customers – many of them small businesses – confirmed the disruption on Sept. 10. In a statement, GoDaddy Vice President Elizabeth Driscoll says that at about 1:25 p.m. EDT GoDaddy and some customers experienced intermittent outages, possibly caused by a distributed denial of service attack, in which assailants flood a website with messages.

This isn’t the first backlash GoDaddy has experienced over its position. The Wikimedia foundation moved ditched the host as did a campaign of Redditors.

GoDaddy said on its Twitter account: “So many messages, can’t get to you all… Sorry to hear all your frustration. We’re working feverishly to resolve as soon as possible.

what is anonymous godaddy review anonymous hacks anonymous hacking  GoDaddys Service Gets HackedThis latest GoDaddy attack appears to have been the work of a single hacker, who was able to wreak havoc with millions of websites as technicians struggled to get services back up. The hacker tweeted that he’s not anti-GoDaddy but was checking their cybersecurity.

However, Go Daddy CEO, Scott Wagner  denies any instances hacking :

“The service outage was not caused by external influences. It was not a “hack” and it was not a denial of service attack (DDoS). We have determined the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables. Once the issues were identified, we took corrective actions to restore services for our customers and We have implemented measures to prevent this from occurring again.”

Well, we think it’s just like their other  old game. Just last week, a few Anonymous members leaked a million Apple ID numbers they claim had been gleaned from an FBI agent’s laptop. The following day? Nope.

What do you think is Anonymous really upto something?



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